Juletid hos forhandlere - del 1

Christmas Time at Retailers - Part 1

For us with shops, Christmas is a busy time, but also a wonderful time, where the customers get a little extra fun when they have to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. The increased bustle can make it difficult to get in the wonderful Christmas mood and really enjoy the month of December - luckily it helps with sweet customers. We spoke to a couple of WAUW design retailers and asked them how the Christmas mood finds its way to their stores and what they like most about the Christmas season. 

Christmas mood at Dina Vejling in Odense

What do you do to get a Christmas mood in your store? 

With us, the store always changes a little during the Christmas month. We fill up the shelves a little extra, so you get the good feeling of profit and joy, which we ourselves are filled with when it's Christmas. For several years we have had a very special Christmas decoration exhibition - a collaboration with jeweler Kasia Gasparski. We invite 20-30 artists to submit their bids for a piece of hanging Christmas decorations. There are many interesting offers and always very special unique Christmas decoration suggestions in between. The Christmas month always gets us in an extra good mood because everyone else is happy too. That is why there is always extra smile and teasing behind the counter.

My employees and myself also always have to make an extra effort at Christmas, we do not have much time to rest our legs. So I always provide good food and treats for lunch in the month of December. When the stomach is full of food aesthetics, you are always a little more in hopla.

What do you like most about the month of December? 

Here with us, everyone is in a good mood, and it is during this time that we are all at work almost all the time, so here extra much of life and pleasant conversations buzz over the counter. It is a firm tradition in the store that we have a Christmas lunch on the last Friday before Christmas Eve. Once closed, we cover up with sushi and cakes. We turn off all the lights in the store and light lots of candles. My employees' girlfriends are on the guest list and there may be others who have helped the store in various ways throughout the year who are also invited. I have previously found gifts to suit each and every card with a personal greeting and thank you to everyone.

The month of December is a tough month where I am at work almost every day. So I make sure not to have anything else on the program. However, the Christmas concert in Odense Cathedral is fixed for me. Like I invite friends and our old moms to real apple slices and mulled wine every year. It's very smart, because I'm usually at work while friends and family bake the apple slices and set the table. My mother and I discuss every year whether the frozen ones from Brugsen are as good as the home-baked ones. I keep the home-baked ones, but I don't have to stand in the oven and bake them either.

Are there any Christmas events in your city that you are especially looking forward to? (Under normal circumstances...) 

Odense is always buzzing with life throughout the Christmas month. But very special is our Christmas tree lighting, which usually falls the last weekend in November. The whole of Odense and the surrounding area show up, Santa Claus sits on top of Odense's beautiful town hall and free bags of sweets are handed out. However, Corona has unfortunately canceled it all. In Brandts Passage, where my business is located, we have planned to hang a light blanket all the way down the passage and a forest of 50 Christmas trees. We have an amphitheater in our beautiful square where there is a giant lattice across. The stage is covered at the bottom with wood chips and in the lattice we hang impressive chandeliers in beautiful colors, as well as swings made of benches. On the stage at the bottom there are beam benches, barrels of charcoal to warm your fingers and Save the Children sells Christmas trees. Possibly we also get a little walking jazz to give the Christmas mood. People must not crowd together, so we take care.

Merry December and Merry Christmas from Odense!

Dina can be found on Instagram here: @dinavejling

Christmas fun at turned on Frederiksberg

What do you do to get a Christmas mood in your store? 

I decorate with nice and often slightly different Christmas decorations, which can also be bought in the store. And then I decorate with Christmas tree / cedar and extra green plants (since I also sell plants), to create a little more forest / nature atmosphere. We usually have pepper nuts or brownies, but unfortunately it will not be there this year due to covid-19, so I will try to come up with something else. At least you have to have fun there, and we want to give a Christmas and cozy experience when you enter the store.

What do you like most about the month of December?

I like most of the darkness that surrounds one and to go for an evening walk around Copenhagen and look at Christmas decorated windows, candles and garlands. It is cozy and provides a tranquility that contrasts with the bright summer months. I love that contrast. And then I love watching Christmas calendar with my daughter and eating apple slices.

In the shop, it's our busiest month and I enjoy making something extra out of it and wrapping a gift nicely - preferably with a little extra decoration. 

Are there any Christmas events in your city that you are especially looking forward to? (Under normal circumstances)

Unfortunately, I am not that good at keeping track of Christmas events as I spend all my time getting my own store ready. But, I had a stand at Gammelgård Christmas Market in Herlev last year, and it was really a super cozy place - both with nice design things for Christmas gift shopping, as well as cafe and even cut-and-paste. I would definitely recommend it for next year. This year we must look far for the Christmas markets, but I will look forward to participating again.

Merry Christmas here from Frederiksberg!

Virou is on Instagram and is called @butik_virou

Christmas peace at WAUW design in Østerbro 

In the workshop shop in Østerbro, the Christmas atmosphere can be felt especially in the joy of anticipation that customers bring when they have to find gifts for their loved ones. You are extremely thoughtful and would like to find the right vase, cup or bowl. It's really nice to be a part of, and a lot of good atmosphere is spread. We like to wrap your gifts nicely, and are happy to make something extra out of it. (Christmas gifts can be exchanged until and including January 24). 

The Christmas peace is also very prominent when you go from work on the dark winter afternoons and evenings. The candles are put in the windows all around, and the smell of home baking often meets one when cycling away. It's smashing. Commonly, spruce trees are also sold at the end of the Lakes, so the smell of spruce and the sight of happy Østerbroers who go home with Christmas trees fill the street scene, and it is very difficult not to get a smile on your face and be filled with Christmas spirit. 

The workshop shop is closed between Christmas and New Year every year, so you can recharge with the family and gather strength and ideas for new products when the new year starts. It's nice upstairs on a busy Christmas month - but you always look forward to getting back to the clay, the ovens and the glazes. 

Really good December to you all!

Maria Mosgaard