Cups & Mugs

Here you can see all WAUW designs ceramic cups from the different collections. All cups are handmade from start to finish in the store at Østerbro in Copenhagen.
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Pastello kop - Dark green/Sea green
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Pastello kop - Raspberry/Pink
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Pastello kop - Light green/Pink
Pastello kop - Pink blue/Pink
Pastello kop - Light blue/Pink
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Pastello kop - Pink blue/Light rose
Raw kopper
Raw cups
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Pastello kop - Dark green/Grey
Pastello kop - Light green/Sea green
Pastello kop - Cream/Light rose
Tone Cortado m. hank - Yellow
Pastello kop - Light green/Light rose
Tone Cortado - Yellow
Tone Cortado - Apricot
Pastello kop - Light green/Grey
Pastello kop - Cream/Pink
Pastello kop - Light Yellow/Yellow - Limited Edition Spring 2021
Pastello kop - Yellow Freckles/Yellow - Limited Edition Spring 2021
Tone Tea Cup - Yellow
Tone Tea Cup - Apricot
Tone Cortado - Olive
Pastello kop - Pink blue/Grey
Tone Tea Cup - Olive Green
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Tone Cortado m. hank - Olive
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Tone Cortado m. hank - Apricot
Pastello kop - Cream/Grey