Gift Wrapping

Whether you shop here on the webshop or in the shop on Willemoesgade 13, you can always get your gifts wrapped nicely.

If you order items here at the webshop, you can add a comment with the message "Gift" or "Wrapping", and then we'll probably pack nicely. If you buy more than one product, remember to specify which products to pack. 

Our gift wrap and ribbon are from Karl Lund, which has a long history of making beautiful wrapping material and other packaging. 

Since vases, cups, flower pots and all other ceramic products are fragile in nature, we wrap them well in bubble wrap and cardboard, whether you pick it up in the store or order it at the webshop.

Reuse the packaging

It may seem like a lot of material to use for wrapping, but it is after all very important that the goods arrive safely. We always encourage you to reuse the wrapping material the next time a gift needs to be wrapped, someone needs to move or you can use it in some other way.

We like to use clipped ribbons ourselves, and have already used bubble wrap once more - we can easily do that.