Flower pots

WAUW design has developed a number of ceramic spa pots that come in different sizes and natural colors. All WAUW design ceramics are handmade from the store in Østerbro in Copenhagen. 

We have also put together a number of tips and tricks for keeping indoor herbs. Read more here

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Rutile Urtepotte - Light green
Rutile Urtepotte - Dark green
Hyacintpotte - X-small
Rutile Urtepotte - Black Edition
Rutile hængepotter - Light Green
Rutile hængepotter - Cream
Rutile Urtepotte - Cream
Rutile Flowerpot - Cream
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Hyacintpotte, sølvgrå - Small
Raw Urtepotte - Large
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Hyacintpotte, sølvgrå - X-small
Rutile hængepotter - Dark Green
Rutile Urtepotter - sæt m. Small og Medium - light green
Rutile Urtepotter - sæt m. Small og Medium - dark green
Raw Urtepotter - sæt m. Small og Medium
Raw Urtepotte - X-small
Raw Urtepotte - Small
Raw Urtepotte - Medium
Hyacintpotte - Small
Rutile hængepotter - Black Edition