Håndlavede keramik vaser lavet i Danmark

Ceramic vases

Do you want a unique ceramic design that can set a special mark on your home? Then you have landed on the right page at WAUW design. The selection of ceramic vases is unique, and here you can find exactly the design that will add the finishing touch to your home. 

On this page you can find ceramic vases from the following collections: Crystal, Sustainable and Sika. 

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Crystal vase - Apricot / Golden Brown
Crystal vase - Black/Pale
Crystal vase - Black/Steel Blue
Crystal vase - Copenhagen Green
Crystal vase - Dark green/Snow white
WAUW designs unikke crystal-vaser, som er håndlavede i butikken på Østerbro i København, hvor al WAUW designs keramik håndlaves.
Crystal vase - Forest Gree
Crystal vase - Grey/Silver
Crystal vase - Light Petrol/Steel blue
Crystal vase - Light pink/snow
Crystal vase - Light Rose/Steelblue
Crystal vase - Light Seagreen/Steel blue
Crystal vase - Olive Green / Snow White
WAUW designs unikke crystal-vaser i blå nuancer. Mørkeblå bund med lysere petroleumsblå top og klare, blå crystaller.
Crystal vase - Royal Blue
Crystal vase - Royal Blue
From 450,00 kr
WAUW designs bedstsælgende crystal-vase i hvide toner. Lys cremefarvet bund og strålende hvid top med hvide krystaller. Håndlavet i værkstedet på Østerbro i København.
Crystal vase - Snow
From 450,00 kr
Sustain Vase - Blue Freckles / Light Blue
Sustain Vase - Brown Freckles / Dusty Green
Sustain Vase - Brown Freckles/Apricot
Sustain Vase - Caramel / Yellow Freckles
Sustain Vase - Dark Brown
Sustain Vase - Dark Brown
From 400,00 kr
Sustain Vase - Dark Rutile / Olive
Sustain Vase - Dusty Green / Warm Yellow
Sustain Vase - Dusty Green / Yellow Freckles
Sustain Vase - Dusty Rose Freckles
Sustain Vase - Olive / Cream
Sustain Vase - Pinkblue/Nude
Sustain Vase - Spring green
Sustain Vase - Watermelon / Apricot
Sustain Vase - Watermelon / Freckles
Sustain Vase - Watermelon / Yellow Freckles

Unique selection of ceramic vases 

WAUW design's ceramic vases come in a wide range of shapes and color combinations, ensuring that you can find the perfect vase to complement your personal style and home decor. Whether you choose a single vase to let the design speak for itself or combine different sizes, our selection opens up possibilities. 

The sizes vary from very small, to medium and to very large, which allows you to create a dynamic and harmonious composition by combining different sizes and designs in your home. Give your room a unique touch by experimenting with the composition of the ceramic vases. 

Beautiful color combinations on the designer vases 

WAUW design's range offers a large palette of colors and color combinations that appeal to different styles and preferences. From deep shades of dark green, blue and brown to more extravagant and unique combinations. Each color is carefully created from scratch here in the workshop, and the combinations are carefully thought out to ensure you get a vase that is completely unique.

Each ceramic vase is handmade

All WAUW design's ceramic vases are handmade in the workshop shop in Copenhagen. Each vase is carefully designed, resulting in all vases having a mouth to suit many types of bouquets. For us, it is important that the flowers get their due in the vases. The functionality goes hand in hand with the expression - each glaze is specially developed here in the workshop, tested and adapted many times. 

WAUW designs ceramic vases from recycled clay

To get rid of waste, I have developed the Sustainable collection, which has just been created with leftover porcelain as well as test and leftover glazes, which contributed to making each vase unique. To minimize waste, we recycle as many scraps as possible. This means that some of the Sustainable vases may be in very limited quantities, as they are fired with unique glazes, composed of residual materials or mixtures that cannot be exactly recreated. 

The story behind the vases from WAUW design

Behind the vases from WAUW design I stand, Sussi Krull. All my products are designed, developed and produced in my workshop in Østerbro, where everything is created by hand. My inspiration comes primarily from the landscape and nature. That influence is shaped by my upbringing in the South Funen moraine landscape, my sailing trips in the South Funen archipelago, where I have lived in the meeting between land and water. The material I work with and my inspiration come from the same place, which gives a sense of coming full circle when the results come out of the oven. 

You can see and buy a selection here on the webshop, but you can find the full range in the store at Willemoesgade 13 in Østerbro - we look forward to having you visit us.