Håndlavede keramik vaser lavet i Danmark


On this page you can find WAUW designs' various ceramic vases from the following collections: Crystal, Sustainable, Moon and Minivases. 

All WAUW designs ceramic vases are handmade in the workshop shop in Copenhagen. Each type of vase has been developed with the use in mind. All vases have an orifice that fits many types of bouquets. It is important to me that the flowers come into their own in the vases. The functionality goes hand in hand with the expression. Each glaze is specially developed here in the workshop and tested and adapted many times. 

You can see and buy a selection here on the webshop, but you can find the full range in the shop at Willemoesgade 13 in Østerbro.

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Crystal vase - Snow
Crystal vase - Snow
From 450,00 kr
WAUW designs unikke crystal-vaser i blå nuancer. Mørkeblå bund med lysere petroleumsblå top og klare, blå crystaller.
Sustainable Vase - Dark Rutile / Olive
Unikke, håndlavede crystal-vaser fra WAUW design på Østerbro. Denne variant har en strålende orange bund og cremefarvet top med lyseblå krystaller.
WAUW designs unikke crystal-vaser, som er håndlavede i butikken på Østerbro i København, hvor al WAUW designs keramik håndlaves.
WAUW design crystal-vase i grå og rosa nuancer. Lys rosa bund og lysegrå top med sølvagtige krystaller Håndlavet i værkstedet på Østerbro i København.
WAUW design crystal-vase i røde og hvide nuancer. Skinnende rød bund og hvid top med hvide krystaller. Vaserne er designet og håndlavede i værkstedet på Østerbro i København.
Crystal vase - Light Rose/Steelblue
Crystal vase - Grey/Silver
Crystal vase - Grey/Steel blue
Crystal vase - Light Seagreen/Steel blue
Crystal vase - Light Petrol/Steel blue
Crystal vase - Dark green/Snow white
Crystal vase - Black/Snow white
Crystal vase - Light pink/snow
Crystal vase - Pink/Steel blue
Crystal vase - Forest Green
Crystal vase - Light petrol/Snow white
Crystal vase - Olive Green / Snow White
Sustainable Vase - Black/Cream
Sustainable Vase - Redblue/Nude
Crystal vase - Royal Blue
Crystal vase - Royal Blue
From 450,00 kr
Sustainable Vase - Olive / Cream
Sustainable Vase - Blue Freckles
Crystal vase - Black/Steel Blue
Crystal vase - Black/Pale
Sustainable Vase - Dusty Rose Freckles
Sustainable Vase - Dusty Green Freckles
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Sustainable Vase - Brown freckles
Out of stock
Sustainable Vase - Dark Brown
Sustainable Vase - Watermelon / Yellow Freckles
Crystal vase - Apricot / Golden Brown
Sika Vase - small
Sika Vase - small
400,00 kr
Crystal vase - Copenhagen Green
Sika Vase - medium
Only 1 left!
Sika Vase - medium
750,00 kr
Sika Vase - large
Out of stock
Sika Vase - large
1.300,00 kr
45 results