WAUW design går i sort

WAUW design goes in black

Black Friday is not held at WAUW design, but I would like to take this opportunity to focus on the black color, which is repeated in some of the products in the range. 

As something special, a special edition version of the Rutile flowerpot has also been made - of course in black :-) The flowerpots can be seen at the bottom of the post.

Black color in ceramic context 

The black color as such is not a difficult color to make, but I think it is difficult to make a black color with life in - a color that lives and plays with. But one of my favorite blacks is definitely the one I made Special edition Rutile. It is not just black, but silky matt and plays in many black shades - almost from light gray over green and to carbon black and all in one color or in one glaze.

Black ceramic handmade by Sussi Krull, ceramicist at Østerbro in Copenhagen.

Should everything be black?

I do not know if I think that black fits particularly well with all products, but it's incredibly much about the eye that sees and the hand that feels :-) Personally, I am not very fond of black cups, as I do not like , that I can not see the color of the liquid I have to ingest. I, on the other hand, think that black or dark surfaces can be particularly good for highlighting some delicious food.

I have chosen to make flower pots - standing and hanging - in black, as I think that exactly this black is super nice with plants. I have also made the Crystal vase in several different black shades, with very shiny, black glazes, where the crystals become very deep and metallic. The black icing on the Rutile flowerpot and the icing on the Crystal vase I think are almost at each end of the scale. The super shiny Crystal that flashes and flashes and tries to steal the image against the matte, understated and almost rocky surface that is just the solid, safe bottom. 

Black ceramics from WAUW design ceramics shop in Østerbro in Copenhagen.

Black ceramics on the shelves in the store

Black is generally a color that is repeated in many Danish homes, as it is good for creating a contrast to the many light shades we are so happy about here in the Nordics. The following black products are on the shelves right now. Some are available here on the webshop, while the full selection can be found in the store. 

Black Crystal vases

The crystal glaze is a difficult friend, as we usually say here in the workshop. It has suffered its own will, but over time we have become good friends. When it comes to the black color and the Crystal vases, there is something dramatic about the black crystals. The vase will be elegant and solemn - maybe even a little self-solemn :-) 

Black Sustainable Vases

The sustainable vases are made from leftovers from the production of other WAUW design products. Especially the matte, black glaze, which is also used for Tone bonbonniere works really well for the Sustainable vases, as it can always be combined with the many remnants of glazes we have in the black / gray / brown / blue spectrum in both glossy and matte editions. When we develop new glazes, all the small portions of glaze samples, after testing, are eventually poured together into one large glaze. Such glazes often end in greyish tones.

Black candy 

Bonbonniere are small containers with lids, which is probably best known in the glass version, which was with the grandparents with sweets in. They have become popular again - and in 2019, WAUW design introduced a version in both matte glaze and glossy crystal glaze. The shape is round and plump, and it can be used for everything from sweets and sweets, to jewelry, hair clips, or whatever you find practical.

The black bonbonniere can be purchased here on the webshop and in the store. It also comes in the flower fakir version, which is, however, sold exclusively in the store. 

Special edition - black Rutile flower pots 

A few years ago we tested a black version of the Rutile flower pots. They turned out really nice, and the black, matte glaze, with the small chances, fit in well with the rest of the flower pots. However, you can not always have it all on the shelves, and therefore no more were made. That is being changed now. As something special this winter, we are introducing a special edition of black Rutile flower pots.

The black flower pots are made in sizes x-small, small, medium and large, as well as in the hanging flower pot version in sizes small and large.

Black ceramic flower pots handmade at Østerbro in Copenhagen.

IFF: Rutile flowerpot in X-small or Small is also really good for cutlery and napkins. 

The flower pots can be purchased here on the webshop and in the shop on Willemoesgade 13. As a starting point, there are a limited number and they are not part of the regular range. 

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I hope this writing provides a good insight into ceramic glazes and the many thoughts that lay behind each and every color. 

(If you have fallen in love with a piece of pottery that is not to be found on the webshop, then you are always welcome to write or call us)

Sussi Krull