Tallerkner & Fade

Plates & Dishes

On this page you can see the selection of WAUW design plates. The plates are made of porcelain and stoneware, and are available in different colors and sizes. The Raw and Songlines series are white plates, while the Tone series has three different colors to choose from. 

All dishes can go in the dishwasher.

5 results
Tone tallerken - yellow
Tone plate - yellow
From 295,00 DKK
Tone tallerken - olive
Tone plate - olive
From 295,00 DKK
Tone tallerken - apricot
Tone plate - apricot
From 295,00 DKK
Songlines tallerkener
Songlines plates
From 300,00 DKK
Raw flader
Raw plates
From 200,00 DKK