Keramiker Sussi Krull foran sin keramikbutik WAUW design på Østerbro i København.
to WAUW design
Special glaze that comes in many color variations
Sustainable Vases
Handmade with recycled porcelain and glaze remnants
The Tone Collection
The colors are back on the table
Keramiker Sussi Krull glaserer keramikkopper i keramikværkstedet på Østerbro i København.
Ceramist Sussi Krull
Learn more about working with ceramics
Handmade pottery
Locally produced in the workshop at Østerbro
One-of-a-kind creations
Made specifically for each product line

Handmade in Copenhagen

My name is Sussi Krull and I am the designer behind the ceramics studio WAUW design in Copenhagen.

All porcelain and stoneware items are handmade in the finest materials in my workshop, which is an extension of the shop.

You can see the production of the ceramic items while you shop. I think it helps to give a thorough understanding of the ceramics and the processes that I work with. You are always more than welcome to ask questions - it gives some highly interesting conversations that I enjoy a lot, and I hope my customers do too.

All my glazes are developed individually for each product and always with a focus on good craftsmanship, good design and sustainable production in mind.

Gift Ideas

Looking for a gift for someone you care about?

We have made a new page where we have collected a lot of gift ideas. There are both some of our best-selling products as well as special gift sets, which are at a particularly good gift price.

Remember that you can add a comment at check-out if we need to wrap your gift for a special occasion. Then we'll see if we have one of the small ceramic signs that fits the occasion.

We always go to the trouble of wrapping, as it is part of the experience when you receive a gift. Since ceramics are fragile, we use bubble wrap (preferably in recycled material) and cardboard. We encourage you to recycle the materials, as they can easily last for a few packages.

Raw Lyshus - sæt m. 2 stk.
Raw Light house - set with 2 pcs.
450,00 kr 500,00 kr
Adventskalender med håndlavet keramik. På gaverne er der sat håndlavede gavemærker på med numre - en til hver søndag i advent.
Crystal vase - Black/Steel Blue
Sustainable Vase - Brown Freckles/Apricot
Songlines Kop m. Hank
Raw Urtepotter - sæt m. Small og Medium
Bonbonniere - Golden Brown
Only 1 left!
RAW Lampe - Short
RAW Lamp - Short
2.000,00 kr
Kintsugisæt m. ødelagt keramik - Årets mandelgave
Hyacintpotte, sølvgrå - Small
Out of stock
New kintsugi sæt til reparation af keramik
Rutile Urtepotter - sæt m. Small og Medium - dark green