Sustainable Vaser
Leftover glazes and recycled porcelain
Tone Stellet
The colors are back on the table
Special glaze that comes in many color variations
Everything is made in the workshop at Østerbro
See the selection of bowls
For one-of-a-kind creations
Made specifically for each product line
Handmade pottery
Locally produced in the workshop at Østerbro
Ceramist Sussi Krull
Learn more about working with ceramics

Handmade in Copenhagen

My name is Sussi Krull and I am the designer behind the ceramics studio WAUW design in Copenhagen.

All porcelain and stoneware items are handmade in the finest materials.

The glazes are individually developed for each product and always with a focus on craftsmanship, good design and sustainable production in mind.

Rutile - Dark green
From 250,00 DKK
Raw cups
From 200,00 DKK
Only 3 left!
Pastello cup
230,00 DKK
Only 2 left!
750,00 DKK
Crystal vase
From 400,00 DKK
Rutile - Light green
From 250,00 DKK
Only 1 left!
Crystal vase
400,00 DKK
Crystal vase
From 400,00 DKK
Pastello bowl
280,00 DKK
Sustainable vase
From 380,00 DKK