Velkommen til WAUW design keramikbutik på Østerbro. Alle keramikprodukter er håndlavede af keramiker Sussi Krull her i værkstedet. Du kan se produktionen mens du handler. Vi har keramikkopper, keramikskåle og keramikvaser med helt unikke glasurer.
for WAUW design
Special glaze that comes in many color variations
Sustainable Vaser
Handmade with recycled porcelain and glaze remnants
Tone Stellet
The colors are back on the table
Ceramist Sussi Krull
Learn more about working with ceramics
Covering with ceramics
Handmade pottery
Locally produced in the workshop at Østerbro
For one-of-a-kind creations
Made specifically for each product line

Handmade in Copenhagen

My name is Sussi Krull and I am the designer behind the ceramics studio WAUW design in Copenhagen.

All porcelain and stoneware items are handmade in the finest materials.

The glazes are individually developed for each product and always with a focus on craftsmanship, good design and sustainable production in mind.

WAUW design crystal-vase i røde og hvide nuancer. Skinnende rød bund og hvid top med hvide krystaller. Vaserne er designet og håndlavede i værkstedet på Østerbro i København.
Songlines Kop m. Hank
Rutile hængepotter - Black Edition
Bonbonniere - Golden Brown
Out of stock
Sustainable Vase - Dark Brown
Songlines Sukkerskål m. trælåg (udgår)
Only 1 left!
Bonbonniere i keramik håndlavet hos WAUW design keramikbutik på Østerbro i København. Denne variant er i farven "black".
Bonbonniere - Black
750,00 DKK
Raw Cappuccinokop
Raw Cappuccino Cup
230,00 DKK
Pastello skål - Pinkblue/light rose
Raw Espressokop
Raw Espresso Cup
200,00 DKK
Crystal vase - Dark green/Snow white
Raw Æggebæger
Raw Egg Cup
From 175,00 DKK

Gift wrapping with soul

Ceramics are ideal as a gift. Whether it's a vase, a cup, bowls - something big or small - it brings joy.

Many customers buy gifts for their loved ones, and of course we make sure to wrap them nicely.

As something new, we have handmade a number of gift tags with text, which you can get for free when buying in the store. The gift tags are shaped like a small flag and you can put the string in and use again.

As ceramics are basically fragile, we use bubble wrap and cardboard for wrapping. We encourage the recycling of this and that you remember to sort it correctly when discarding. Our gift wrap is made from recycled paper and purchased from Karl Lund.