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Handmade in Copenhagen

My name is Sussi Krull and I am the designer behind the ceramics studio WAUW design in Copenhagen.

All porcelain and stoneware items are handmade in the finest materials in my workshop, which is an extension of the shop.

You can see the production of the ceramic items while you shop. I think it helps to give a thorough understanding of the ceramics and the processes that I work with. You are always more than welcome to ask questions - it gives some highly interesting conversations that I enjoy a lot, and I hope my customers do too.

All my glazes are developed individually for each product and always with a focus on good craftsmanship, good design and sustainable production in mind.

Welcome to the shop in Østerbro

WAUW design "lives" on Willemoesgade 13 in Østerbro. Here is both production and store, and it is here that you will find the largest selection of WAUW design products.

The shop is basically open every weekday 9: 00-16: 00, but I can still be out of the house, so call or write finally if you are in doubt about the opening hours. The store is also open every Saturday from 11:00 to 15:00.

In addition to the workshop shop, you can also find WAUW design products at a large number of fabulous dealers around Denmark and abroad. See all the dealers here.

Crystal vase - Copenhagen Green
Pastello skål - Cream/Light rose
Crystal vase - Light green/Snow white
Sustainable Vase - Watermelon / Yellow Freckles
WAUW design crystal-vase i grå og rosa nuancer. Lys rosa bund og lysegrå top med sølvagtige krystaller Håndlavet i værkstedet på Østerbro i København.
Tone Kaffekop m. hank - Yellow
Pastello kop - Light green/Pink
New kintsugi reparationssæt til ødelagt keramik
Sika Vase
Sika Vase
From 400,00 kr
Crystal vase - Girly Yellow / Pink Lace
Pastello skål - Watermelon/Light Rose - Summer Edition 2021
Bonbonniere i keramik håndlavet hos WAUW design keramikbutik på Østerbro i København. Denne variant er i farven "yellow".
Only 1 left!

New Kintsugi - repair of broken ceramics

The Dutch brand Humade has made a new version of the ancient Japanese repair technique "Kintsugi".

Inspired by traditional Kintsugi, Humade has created a repair kit that is easy to use for decorative repair of broken ceramic cases.

Using glue and gold dust, you patch the ceramics. In this way, one can see that the pottery has been broken, but the flaws are celebrated rather than hidden. The mishaps the pottery has been through are accepted as part of its new identity. We think that's a beautiful thought.

The set contains the remedies you need to patch your ceramics. The guide is in English, but is described with pictures of the different steps in the process. 

The New Kintsugi kits are available in both gold and silver.