WAUW design mini vases have a double effect. On the one hand, the mini vases are a good size for small flowers such as erantis, snowdrops, crocus or other flowers with short stems, which can never be in the ordinary vases. In addition, the vases are used as glaze testers, as the shapes of the vases make it ideal for observing how the glazes behave on round and straight surfaces. 

The mini vases are all unique and therefore they naturally differ slightly from each other.

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Minivase - warm yellow
Minivase - Black Rutile
Minivase - Copenhagen Green
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Minivase - Royal Blue Crystals
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Minivase - Dark Blue Crystals
Minivase - blue freckles
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Minivase - Steelblue Crystals
Minivase - Light Blue
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Minivase - Turquoise Crystals
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Minivase - Dark Green
Minivase - Swamp Green
Minivase - Light Green
Minivase - Green Freckles
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Minivase - Olive Green
Minivase - Forest floor
Minivase - light mint
Minivase - Snowy Crystals
Minivase - Cream
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Mini vase - Cream
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Minivase - Redblue
Minivase - Watermelon
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Minivase - Champagne Crystals
Minivase - Warm Brown Crystals
Minivase - Brown Freckles
Minivase - Light Brown Freckles
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