Juletid hos forhandlere - del 2

Christmas Time at Retailers - Part 2

On the 1st of December we published a letter about the Christmas season here at WAUW design and at two of our lovely dealers. Here is another post where we have talked to Line from Højkant in Aarhus and Heidi from DesignerZoo in Copenhagen. We hope you all have a nice December, wherever you are!

We would also like to make a call to continue to be so good at supporting the locals - it does a lot! So go for a walk in your local area and see what exciting shops are located there. 

Christmas mood at High edge in Aarhus 

What do you do to get a Christmas mood in your store? 

I fill up the shelves extra well and make Christmas windows with light chains and Christmas items. Some days I bake Christmas cakes so it smells of Christmas when customers come in. Every year I do a competition where customers can win an Advent calendar for themselves and 2 friends - it is always a tributary and shoots like Christmas in progress :-) Last year I printed our very own Christmas gift wrapping paper, and it is great to pack customer gifts into it! Well yes, and then there is a Christmas jazz channel on the speakers ;-)

What do you like most about the month of December?  

I bake Christmas cookies with a pattern every year - a little a la the patterns in sweets. Once that is done, Christmas starts in earnest. I love the light chains that are bubbling up everywhere. It's simply so mega fun! Every year, I stand in the store on December 23rd and help customers find the very last gifts. It has even become a tradition that the 23rd is called 'Monday', as it is typically men (often with a slightly wild look) who come in the door and miss the gift for the wife or boyfriend. We always find a really good solution, so that the Christmas peace descends on them ;-)

Are there any Christmas events in your city that you are especially looking forward to? (Under normal circumstances)

Speaking of light chains, I am completely crazy about the light on the street in Aarhus. I am very reluctant to come to Strøget during the year, but liiige in December, so I like to go there in the evening alone, to go under the beautiful light.

Merry Christmas from here Aarhus!

Find Højkant on Instagram under the name @hojkant

Christmas lights and cosiness at DesignerZoo at Vesterbro

What do you do to get a Christmas mood in your store? 

We love to celebrate Christmas and therefore do something extra to decorate the store for Christmas, turn up the Christmas music and have Christmas treats for the customers in the store. We are especially known for our facade lights up and creates an atmosphere here on Vesterbrogade. The locals always say “It is not Christmas in Vesterbro until there is light on the facade at Designer Zoo”. Every year we fill the shop with fine handmade Christmas decorations from our 75 Danish artisans. Our loyal customers are always in line to get their hands on the unique things we get in, and we rejoice that people love to come back year after year.

What do you like most about the month of December?

The atmosphere for Christmas is something very special, for us it is very much about making others happy. We love being together and being with family and friends and we love to give and we would rather give something that matters! Every time you buy a gift from us, it is more than just one thing. 95% of our goods are handmade by a Danish craftsman. So every time you buy a gift from us, you contribute to Danish workplaces, support new Danish design talents and artists and help to continue the proud Danish craft tradition. This year, it is extra important that we support each other in Denmark, especially the smaller companies, which have been hit hard by covid-19.

Are there any Christmas events in your city that you are especially looking forward to (under normal circumstances)? 

In Designer Zoo, we have a tradition of holding a large Christmas event, where loyal customers come from near and far to have fun with us, while they get the Christmas gift shopping arranged. This year, due to covid-19, we have chosen to distribute it, so this year we have Christmas fun every weekend until Christmas. The mood is at its highest and we ensure a good Christmas atmosphere and delicious mulled wine.

Merry Christmas from us at DesignerZoo! 

DesignerZoo can be found on Instagram here: @designerzoo

Maria Mosgaard