About us

I my workshop at Østerbro I design, develop and produce all my products. So everything is made by hand in our own workshop.

Mostly, I find my inspiration in the landscape and nature. This is probably related to the fact that I have worn my children's shoes in the South Funen moraine landscape, sailed the South Funen archipelago thin and almost lived in the land-water encounter.

My material and inspiration originally come from the same place, it feels a bit like a circle that ends when the results come out of the oven.

workshop shop

The workshop shop is the shop where you can see all the WAUW's collections in one place and with the very large selection.

The shop is located alongside the workshop and is right where everything is created. From the neat idea to the final product coming out of the oven and onto the shelves of the store.

You watch the production while you shop.

Handmade ceramics from Østerbro in Copenhagen. Perfect gifts and Christmas gifts for those you love.



I have regular interns in the workshop. The focus of the internships is usually on competence development and on practical development of the skills within the world of ceramics. I really like having interns, as it is great to see the development they are going through and the enthusiasm they have for ceramics. 

Right now, there are no available internships, but you are always welcome to submit an unsolicited application to info@wauw-design.dk

Employees in the shop

In addition to being in the shop on weekdays, you will be able to meet either Hilda or Camilla if you come on Saturday. 

Hilda is a trained ceramicist, and in addition to being in the shop, she helps with the production of WAUW design ceramics, and also makes her own ceramics in a workshop. She has just returned from a couple of months in Greenland.

Camilla is a student at Roskilde University, and has previously become acquainted with ceramics. Among other things, she has has been on a course in Norway and has also made ceramics in Greenland. 

In addition, I also have the pleasure of having Morten attached. He is himself a trained ceramicist, and fantastically good at glazing. He's behind it Ponne Ceramics

Jobs at WAUW design

There are currently. no vacancies in the workshop shop. When vacancies become vacant, it will be posted here on the site as well as on Instagram and Facebook. 

You are always welcome to send an unsolicited application to info@wauw-design.dk

Ceramics shop in Østerbro in Copenhagen. Handmade ceramics by ceramicist Sussi Krull.