About WAUW design

Behind WAUW design I stand, Sussi Krull. IN my workshop at Østerbro I design, develop and produce all my products. So everything is made by hand in our own workshop. 

Mostly, I find my inspiration in the landscape and nature. This is probably related to the fact that I have worn my children's shoes in the South Funen moraine landscape, sailed the South Funen archipelago thin and almost lived in the land-water encounter.

My material and inspiration originally come from the same place, it feels a bit like a circle that ends when the results come out of the oven.

workshop shop

The workshop shop is the shop where you can see all the WAUW's collections in one place and with the very large selection. 

The shop is located alongside the workshop and is right where everything is created. From the neat idea to the final product coming out of the oven and onto the shelves of the store.

You see the production while you shop, and I think that helps to provide an understanding of the ceramics and the processes that I work with as a ceramicist. You are always welcome to ask questions and take a closer look at the different things I am doing. It gives some interesting conversations that I like a lot.

In the back room I have my ingredients for clay, porcelain and glazes. I mix it all myself, and I am particularly proud of my large glaze collection, which I have developed over my nearly 20 years as a ceramicist.

I have two ceramic stoves that run almost every day. It's a bit like playing Tetris when an oven needs to be filled. It's about filling it with as little surplus space as possible. That way I save time and burns. 


WAUW design employees

In addition to standing in the shop yourself on weekdays, you will be able to meet either Anna or Laura if you come on Saturday. 

I also have regular interns and other part-time employees who work with the production and learn about the ceramics. I have the pleasure of Julia a few days a week and then Lisa is also in practice a few days a week. 

You will also be able to meet Maria from time to time, although she is often "invisible" behind the screen. Maria helps me with the social media and my website. She is also a house photographer, and together we take new pictures for use here on the webshop and my social media. 



The leftovers are used

It's no secret that there is, of course, some waste in any production - including mine. I work with my former intern, Maria, who is behind MM ClayGround. She picks up remnants of clay, glaze remnants and other remnants from my production, and uses them for her own creations. It's great that as little as possible is wasted. 

The idea of ​​reducing waste was also the basic idea of ​​mine collection of Sustainable vases. I found a way I could mix porcelain and clay from the production of the other vases and tableware that could be used for the cylinder vases. The material works well with many of my glaze blends, and that way they can also be used here.


See our Smiley Report

Since I produce plates, cups, bowls, etc. for food use, my products are of course subject to the Danish Food and Food Authority's regulations on ingredients in glazes and molding compounds - so you as a consumer can be sure that my ceramics are properly manufactured with legal ingredients that are food approved.

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Jobs at WAUW design

There are currently. no vacancies in the workshop shop. When vacancies become vacant, it will be posted here on the site as well as on Instagram and Facebook. You are always welcome to send an unsolicited application to info@wauw-design.dk

See more about jobs and internships here on the site

Ceramics shop in Østerbro in Copenhagen. Handmade ceramics by ceramicist Sussi Krull.