Praktikanter gennem tiden

Trainees through time

Over time, there have been quite a few interns through here with me. I find it hugely rewarding to be allowed to help budding potters and others with an interest in pottery along the way, and to follow them as they create their own. The following are three of my previous interns that I would like to tell a little about.


Grit, I have had the pleasure of having in the workshop for a long time, from autumn 2016 to autumn 2019. She is educated at Denmark's design school, like myself - just on another line and just 10 years later. Grit moved incredibly much during the time she was here in WAUW design. She is really good at getting ideas, clarifying the process, is practical and has lots of go-ahead. She is good at putting on stage and communicating her ideas, and then she has an overview and is a good narrator. Grit has many talents and I am sure she will be very successful. Grit is a lovely person, incredibly helpful, sweet, funny and enterprising, and I would recommend Grit at all times.

Today, Grit makes its fine products in Landscape, and many of the products have a really nice narrative, which is so much Grit. In addition, Grit is also a formidable singer, she sings in the band @tranquebarmusic

Grit Jansen potter behind Landscape. Former intern at WAUW design ceramics workshop in Østerbro.


Maria has been in the workshop two times; first in internship in from spring 2018 to autumn 2018, and then she has been loosely employed in production from 2019.

Maria is very enthusiastic about the craft and itches. She is a trained garden architect and thus used to working on a completely different scale, but she is super good at intercepting new knowledge and is good at learning a new craft and at the same time using her academic approach and analysis. Maria is super good at setting a framework for her work process, which suits her temperament incredibly well. She is super good at getting a lot out of a little - a great gift. Maria is full of a lot of talk, laughs and talks loudly, is funny and gifted. I have had great benefit and pleasure from Maria.

Maria makes some very fine products that in many ways play really well with her gardening education. Maria makes fine sprouts, buds, branches and everything that goes well with the garden. Maria's thing is so much her, check it out on her Insta.

Maria potter behind MMclayground. Former intern at WAUW design ceramics workshop in Østerbro.


He was in the workshop all spring 2019 and she came by a lot out of the blue. He comes from the gaming industry (computer game developer) and she did everything she was asked to do and she went on with a crooked neck. He has the most beautiful go-ahead and will no doubt get where she wants. He commuted all the way from Odense to Copenhagen, to be an intern with me in WAUW design, and I definitely take that as a compliment :-) He is a very pleasant person, not so much talk, but a lot of action, and I enjoyed much to have He in the workshop.

I have not seen so much of what He is doing now that she has started at Clay College in England Stoke-on-Trent. I'm sure she's probably going to be the coolest series turner! Keep an eye on her Insta.

Han Nguyen ceramist and former intern at WAUW design ceramics workshop in Østerbro.


Sussi Krull