Guide: Sådan får du buketten til at holde længere

Guide: How to make the bouquet last longer

WAUW design's range contains several vases - and vases are made to contain flower bouquets. We find that good advice is often asked to make the flowers last longer in the vases, and we are also curious about that. That is why we have asked Marie and Christina from Vildevioler for advice, and they come up with a number of recommendations. 

Who are Wild Violets?

Marie and Christina are organic flower farmers and florists. They started Wild violets in 2015, and is located in the fields at the organic farm shop Stengården in Bregnerød (between Birkerød and Farum). They started the company on the basis of a wonder why there were not really Danish-produced cut flowers - and then they jumped into it themselves. 

WAUW design visiting Wild Violets on their dahlia fields

Here you can see Wild Violers' beautiful dahlias in two WAUW design Crystal vases. The green vase is size Large and the red is size Medium. See the Crystal collection here

Denmark's most sustainable flowers

At present, Marie and Christina can grow their own flowers from April to October, where they follow the seasons and have, among other things. tulips, perennials and dahlias throughout the year. They use the flowers in their bouquets, which can be ordered for delivery in the metropolitan area. In addition to using their own flowers, they also like to supplement with natural branches or anything else that they can find around the fields. In the winter, they use the most sustainable on the market - e.g. environmentally certified flowers from other retailers, but they work to be able to supply their customers with organic Danish-produced flowers all year round.   

In addition to growing Denmark's most sustainable cut flowers, one of the main goals of our company is to spread knowledge about all the benefits of locally produced unsprayed flowers - both for nature and humans.

Tips and tricks: How to make flower bouquets last longer?

1) Remove the lower leaves so that only the stems are in water

2) Cut the ends diagonally off the stems before putting the flowers in water. Repeat each time the water is changed.

3) Change the water in the vase every day

4) Store the flowers cool at night

5) Regularly remove the flowers that look tired

6) Keep the flowers at a good distance from the fruit. Fruit secretes ethylene which causes the flowers to ripen. 

Guide to making bouquets last longer. Good advice for bouquets in a vase.

You can follow Marie and Christina's adventurous flower universe on Instagram here . 

Courses in flower tying, wreaths and cutting gardens at Vildevioler 

In addition to delivering beautiful bouquets all year round, Marie and Christina also hold various courses. In the autumn, for example, you can learn to tie your own Advent wreath, and in the spring you can even come out with them and learn how to prepare your own cutting garden. 

See all the courses at Vildevioler here .

We hope this little writing can help extend the life of your flower bouquets :-) 


Maria Mosgaard