Crystal vase - Snow

450,00 kr

Variant: Snow

White, snow white crystals on white bottom. 

The crystal vase is teardrop-shaped with a solid base color and the special crystal glaze on the upper half of the vase. The crystals grow in the firing, and therefore no two vases are alike. 

The drop shape of the crystal vase makes it particularly suitable for bouquets, as the stems will have plenty of space down in the vase, while the shape will be maintained at the smaller mouth of the vase. 

The Crystal vases come in three different sizes. Size Medium and Large are well suited for both loose and tightly bound bouquets, while Small are particularly suitable for small branches or spring flowers. 

Small: 11 cm.
Medium: 20 cm.
Large: 27 cm.

Must be hand-washed, as a dishwasher will make the crystals less clear and shiny over time. 

All products are unique, the color combination is the same, but since I work with very vivid glazes, they always look a little different.