Udvalgt håndlavet keramik fra WAUW design keramikbutik i København. Find alle WAUW designs keramikvaser, keramikkopper, keramikskåle og meget mere på webshoppen og i butikken.

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After many years of work, I have a large assortment of products, here you see some of them. The WAUW designs range consists of a wide range of ceramics, including cups, vases, bowls, lamps, flower pots, Christmas decorations and much more.

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Raw Urtepotter - sæt m. Small og Medium
Raw Lyshus - sæt m. 2 stk.
Raw Light house - set with 2 pcs.
450,00 kr 500,00 kr
Raw flade - large
Raw flat - large
1.000,00 kr 1.300,00 kr
Crystal vase - Black/Steel Blue
Sustain Vase - Brown Freckles/Apricot
New kintsugi sæt til reparation af keramik
Crystal vase - Olive Green / Snow White
Bonbonniere - Golden Brown
Only 1 left!
Hyacintpotte - X-small
Rutile Urtepotter - sæt m. Small og Medium - dark green
Out of stock
Rutile Urtepotte - Light green
Rutile Urtepotte - Dark green
Hyacintpotte - Small
Out of stock
Raw Urtepotte - Medium
Rutile hængepotter - Dark Green
Rutile hængepotter - Cream
Rutile Urtepotter - sæt m. Small og Medium - light green
Sustain Vase - Blue Freckles / Light Blue
Sustain Vase - Dusty Green / Warm Yellow
Sustain Vase - Watermelon / Yellow Freckles
Sustain Vase - Watermelon / Apricot
RAW Lampe - Short
RAW Lamp - Short
2.000,00 kr
RAW Lampe - Long
RAW Lamp - Long
2.500,00 kr
Raw Lyshus
Raw Lighthouse
250,00 kr
Raw Lattekop
Raw Latte Cup
275,00 kr
Raw Cappuccinokop
Raw Cappuccino Cup
250,00 kr
Raw Espressokop
Raw Espresso Cup
200,00 kr
Raw Kaffekop
Raw Coffee Cup
250,00 kr
Crystal vase - Copenhagen Green
WAUW designs bedstsælgende crystal-vase i hvide toner. Lys cremefarvet bund og strålende hvid top med hvide krystaller. Håndlavet i værkstedet på Østerbro i København.
Crystal vase - Snow
From 450,00 kr
Crystal vase - Light Petrol/Steel blue
Pastello skål - Sky Blue/Blue
Pastello kop - Pinkblue/Light rose
Pastello skål - Dark Green/Seagreen
Raw sukkerskål m. trælåg
Tone Tea Cup - Sky blue
52 results

Ceramics handmade at Østerbro in Copenhagen 

All WAUW design ceramics are handmade from quality materials from the workshop shop on Willemoesgade 13. All glazes are specially made here in the workshop and developed based on my own recipes. I develop all my glazes specifically for the product range they are to be used for, so they get just the look I was after. I mostly get my inspiration from the landscape and nature. It is probably connected with the fact that I have stepped in my children's shoes in the South Funen moraine landscape, sailed the South Funen Archipelago thinly and almost lived in the meeting between land and water.

Vases with unique crystallizing glaze

One of WAUW design's signature products is the Crystal vases, which come in many different color combinations. The Crystal vases are cocoon-shaped and are available in three different sizes. Special for the Crystal vases is the crystal glaze, which is a special ceramic glaze that develops crystals during firing. It is a difficult glaze to work with and it has taken many years to refine the glaze recipes to what I have today. See all the Crystal vases here

Ceramic cups and bowls in many different colours

If you like colorful cups, then the Pastello collection is for you. The Pastello collection consists of handleless cups and bowls, and they come in many color combinations. Pastello is a collection where I use two types of glazes on each product. A matte glaze on most of the product, and a glossy glaze on the edge. You will find the whole The Pastello collection here

White and minimalist ceramics

Are you looking for white ceramics with a minimalist look? I have developed two white ceramic collections: Songlines og Raw. Songlines is a collection of cups and other ceramic products with organic shapes, and the products have been developed with a particular focus on being comfortable in the hands. The Raw collection is - as the name suggests - more raw, as the porcelain is not glazed all over, but only on the inside and on the edge. The raw products are grooved.