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After many years of work, I have a large assortment of products, here you see some of them. WAUW design's range consists of a large number of ceramics, which i.a. cups, vases, bowls, lamps, flower pots, Christmas decorations and more. All WAUW design ceramics are handmade from good raw materials from the workshop shop on Willemoesgade 13.
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Tone Cortado m. hank - Olive
Only 1 left!
Tone Tea Cup - Yellow
RAW Lampe - Short
RAW Lamp - Short
2.000,00 DKK
Tone kande - Olive
Sustainable Vase - Peach/Yellow-brownish
Sustainable Vase - Light Grey/Baby Blue
Pastello skål - Cream/Light rose
Sustainable Vase - Cream/Sun yellow
RAW Lampe - Long
RAW Lamp - Long
2.500,00 DKK
RAW Lampe - Wide (Bestillingsvare)
Out of stock
Sustainable Vase - Raspberry/Sun yellow
750,00 DKK
750,00 DKK
Only 1 left!
750,00 DKK
Crystal vase - Olive Green / Snow White
Rutile hængepotter - Dark Green
Rutile hængepotter - Cream
Rutile hanging pots - Cream
From 500,00 DKK
Sustainable Vase - Black/Cream
Sustainable Vase - Olive/Light Rutile
Sustainable Vase - Dark Red/Nude
Sustainable Vase - Green/Dark Green
Sustainable Vase - Raspberry/Dark Rose
Sustainable Vase - Blue Freckles
Songlines Sukkerskål m. trælåg (udgår)
Crystal vase - Peach/Snow
Crystal vase - Peach / Snow
From 400,00 DKK
Crystal vase - Peach/Steel Blue
Crystal vase - Black/Steel Blue
Crystal vase - Black/Pale
Crystal vase - Black / Pale
From 400,00 DKK
64 results