Ceramic cups

Are you looking for beautiful ceramic cups for your collection? On this page you can see all WAUW design's ceramic cups from the various collections: Pastel, Tone, Songlines og raw. All the ceramic cups are handmade from start to finish in the workshop shop in Østerbro.

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Pastello kop - Black/Light rose
Pastello kop - Brown/Light rose (udgår)
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Pastello kop - Caramel/Light rose
Pastello kop - Cream/Grey (udgår)
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Pastello kop - Cream/Light rose
Pastello kop - Dark green/Grey (udgår)
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Pastello kop - Dark green/Light rose
Pastello kop - Dark green/Sea green
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Pastello kop - Light green/Grey
Pastello kop - Light green/Light rose
Pastello kop - Light green/Sea green (udgår)
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Pastello kop - Pinkblue/Light rose
Pastello kop - Pinkblue/Pink
Pastello kop - Sky Blue/Blue
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Pastello kop - Sky Blue/Pink (udgår)
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Pastello kop - Watermelon/Pink
Pastello kop - Yellow Freckles/Pink
Pastello sæt - Cream / Light Rose
Pastello set - Cream / Light Rose
750,00 kr 850,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Dark Green / Light rose
Pastello sæt - Dark Green / Sea Green
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Pastello sæt - Light Green / Grey
Pastello set - Light Green / Gray
750,00 kr 850,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Light Green / Light Rose
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Pastello sæt - Pinkblue / Light rose
Pastello sæt - Pinkblue / Pink
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Pastello set - Pinkblue / Pink
750,00 kr 850,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Sky blue / Blue
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Pastel set - Sky blue / Blue
750,00 kr 850,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Watermelon / Pink
Pastel set - Watermelon / Pink
750,00 kr 850,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Yellow Freckles / Pink
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Pastello titelkop - Black/Light rose - Far
Pastello titelkop - Black/Light rose - Farmor
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Pastello titelkop - Black/Light rose - Kæreste
Pastello titelkop - Black/Light rose - Mor
Pastello titelkop - Black/Light rose - Morfar
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Pastello titelkop - Black/Light rose - Mormor
Pastello titelkop - Black/Light rose - Student 2024
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Pastello titelkop - Black/Light rose - Søster
Pastello titelkop - Blue pink / Grey - Far
79 results

The first designs in the range; The raw cups

Raw are the cups that have been part of WAUW design's range for the longest, in fact since the beginning in 2006. What distinguishes them is their hand-turned design in porcelain. They are glazed inside and on the edge, which gives a really nice look. New designs have been added to the Raw collection on an ongoing basis. 

We also have put together sets so you can get cups and bowls in matching sets. See our selection of sets to find the combination that suits you best.

Ceramic cups in all colors for all homes

The Pastello cups are WAUW design's colorful ceramic cups, which are available in as many as 15 color combinations - and special editions are continuously made. The Tone cups and the Tone collection bring the subtle colors back to the table. It has long been popular with white and completely minimalist ceramics on the Danish tables, but something has happened in recent years, and now the colors have returned. The Tone cups come in several shades of douche colors. No matter what color you like and fits in with your decor, you can find it at WAUW design. 

Comfortable cups that fit well in your hand

When I design and create my ceramic cups, it is very important that they fit well in the hand and are comfortable to drink from. I prefer a thin rim and smooth frosting on the rim. In my eyes, it provides the very best drinking experience.

If a ceramic cup is nice to hold and is properly designed, it will also last longer in the home of the person who buys it. I always think about this when I develop my ceramic cups and other ceramic products. It is important to me that my designs last over time, and are not just something you care about for a short period of time. 

Get a volume discount on your cups & vases

At WAUW design you have the option of getting a quantity discount. When purchasing 2 or more Pastello cups, Tone cups, Raw cups and/or Minivases is automatically deducted 10% per cup/minivase at checkout. The discount applies exclusively to the mentioned cups and Minivases. The Songlines cup is not included and neither are discounted items. 

The story behind the ceramic cups from WAUW design

Behind the cups from WAUW design I stand, Sussi Krull. All my cups are designed, developed and produced in my workshop in Østerbro, where everything is made by hand. My inspiration comes primarily from the landscape and nature, which is shaped by my upbringing in the South Funen moraine landscape and my sailing trips in the South Funen archipelago. Here I grew up in the meeting  between land and water. The material I work with and my inspiration come from the same place, which gives a feeling that the circle is closed when the vases come out of the kiln. 

Here in the shop you can see a selection of my designs, but you can find the full range in the shop at Willemoesgade 13 in Østerbro - we look forward to meeting you.