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Here you can see all WAUW designs ceramic cups from the different collections: Pastel, Tone, Songlines og Raw. All the ceramic cups are handmade from start to finish in the workshop shop in Østerbro.

When I design and create my ceramic cups, it is very important to me that they fit well in the hand and are comfortable to drink from. I like a thin edge and smooth glaze on the edge. It gives in my eyes the best drinking experience. 

The Raw cups are the cups that have been part of WAUW design's range for the longest time. In fact, ever since the beginning of 2006. New editions have been added on an ongoing basis. The latest is Cappuccino cups added to the collection. 

The Pastello cups are WAUW design's colorful ceramic cups and are available in as many as 15 color combinations - and special editions are made on an ongoing basis. 

The Tone cups and Tone collection bring the subtle colors back to the table. It has long been popular with white and completely minimalist ceramics on the Danish tables, but something has happened in the last few years, and now the colors are back. The tone cups come in three shades of douche colors. 

Quantity discount: When buying 2 or more Pastello cups, Tone cups, Raw cups and / or Minivases is automatically deducted 10% per. cup / minivase at the checkout. The discount only applies to the mentioned cups and Minivases. The Songlines cup is not included. 

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Pastello sæt - Dark Green / Light rose
Pastello sæt - Cream / Pink
Pastel set - Cream / Pink
700,00 kr 820,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Sky blue / Blue
Pastel set - Sky blue / Blue
700,00 kr 820,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Watermelon / Pink
Pastel set - Watermelon / Pink
700,00 kr 820,00 kr
Pastello kop - Sky Blue/Blue
Pastello kop - Sky Blue/Light Rose
Tone Espressokop - Olive
Tone Kaffekop m. hank - Apricot
Pastello sæt - Cream / Light Rose
Pastello set - Cream / Light Rose
700,00 kr 820,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Dark Green / Sea Green
Songlines Kop m. Hank
Out of stock
47 results