Intern at WAUW design ceramic studio in Copenhagen. Handmade ceramics made in Denmark.

Introduction to WAUW design intern Philip

Philip has been an intern with WAUW design from October 2019 to April 2020. During his internship he has tried out a lot of different techniques and learned everything from the basics to more detailed work with glazes, different types of clay and much more. Read about Philip and his time as a WAUW design intern here. 

A sudden interest in ceramics 

Philip's interest in ceramics began in 2019 when he got the opportunity to start in a creative workshop. He was engaged in drawing and art, but ceramics quickly caught his attention, and he began exploring this. 

Working with clay really appeals to me, as it is a more living material and you are not as limited as with other media. Working in 3D is something I really enjoy.

Philips internship at WAUW design 

Philip was encouraged by his teacher to apply for an internship here in WAUW design, and that resulted in an internship starting in October 2019. We started out with the basic techniques such as glazes, clay structures, casting techniques, decoration possibilities as well as working with the kilns and firing the ceramics. We also went over the limitations that the different materials have and what to be especially aware of. 

During his internship, Philip got to be a part of the creation of most WAUW design products. The Crystal vases were his favorite product to do, as the process was fun and the end-result interesting. He explains what he especially liked about his internship: 

I have really enjoyed the work processes and how we can create so many different and beautiful products from scratch. Working with Sussi has also been a good experience, as she is a great teacher and inspiration. I have also enjoyed being able to develop on my own form and expression with the ceramics.

Philip is an intern

From my point of view, Philip has been really good at exploring and testing the different techniques and possibilities. He has thrown himself into the different tasks, and has been really engaged in the work. I hope it has given him confidence to continue working with ceramics - and that he feels comfortable with failing sometimes, as it can be an important lesson when working with a live material such as clay. 

Plans for the future 

Philip now lives in Djursland, where he has been lucky to get a place with room for his own ceramic workshop. He is now working on making his own ceramics with his signature look, and is still engaged in his grafitti works. He aims at studying ceramics in the near future.

You can follow Philip on his Instagram. 

Philip Hedegaard Instagram. Flip's studio ceramics.

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