Pastello set - two cups and one bowl (discontinued colors)

650,00 kr 850,00 kr

Set of two pieces. pastel cups and one pastel bowl in the color combination "Light green / Sea green".

This variant has been part of my permanent range for several years, but now it is time for a new one, and therefore it will be discontinued for a period from spring/summer 2024. 

There are five sets in this color combination. 

About the Pastello collection

The Pastello products are a line where the meeting between two glazes gives a third. Here, surface and tactility are a supporting element. The lower glaze, and thus the part you hold on to, is matte and has structure, while the upper part is glossy, so it is smooth and a soft encounter against the lips.

The interplay and overlap between the two glazes gives a third and creates landscape motifs, the narrow encounter or overlap gives a sense of horizon.

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