Tone jug with handle - Sky blue

800,00 kr

Tone jug in the color Sky Blue.

The color is generally a clear light blue glaze with small sparkles in the glaze, which gives a nice play of colors. The color varies from delicate light blue to both lighter and darker tones of blue and a bit of green in some places. 

The Tone series is made in a light stoneware mass.

Content: 1,5 liters

Withstands dishwasher and microwave.

Tone is a stoneware series with a particularly silky, tactile surface. The glazes are developed here in the workshop. These are monochromatic glazes that are alive in themselves and create several tones in the otherwise monochromatic surface. Each color has several shades in it and acts like poetic shadowscapes. I have thought of the tactility of the glaze as a counterpoint to the stoneware. Stoneware has a special 'stone sound' and can seem hard. Tone is a frame that is thin and delicate, but without being fragile.

All products are unique, the color combination is the same, but since I work with very vivid glazes, they always look a little different.

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