Songlines cups with handle - set of 2.

750,00 kr 850,00 kr

Songlines cup with handle.

This cup is hand-turned, and the soft recesses make the cup very comfortable to hold. The cup is a good size for both coffee and tea - and cocoa with whipped cream.

The Songlines collection can withstand both dishwasher and microwave.

Songlines is a hand-turned porcelain series. The expression is soft and poetic. The shape is first turned up and then the wave is turned into the object as a clear turning track after one's fingers, thus telling a story about an old craft.

The name Songlines has been given the series, as I think the wave made me think of Bruce Chatwin's novel of the same name, which among other things is about the Aborigines' secret singing lines, musical-poetic geography and very special concept of life.

In the Songlines collection you will also find plates og bowls

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