Sustainable vase - Green freckles / light blue (test item)å

600,00 kr 1.300,00 kr

Sustainable vase In the color combination Green freckles / light blue. 

There are two vases in this size and color combination. The vases are testers and not second sorting. They are selling cheap for warehouse sales as I am not going to move forward with this color combination right now.

Height: 26 cm. 


The Sustainable vases are made of residual porcelain as well as test and residual glazes, therefore they are never exactly the same. When producing ceramics, there will inevitably be some waste of clay, porcelain, glazes and more. The Sustainable collection is just created based on the fact that I need to be able to use as many of my leftovers as possible. It also means that there are some Sustainable vases, of which there are only very few, as they are fired with glazes that may be mixed with leftovers or with a glaze that I can not create again.