Pastello cup set - Dark Green / Sea Green (2nd grade)

250,00 kr 500,00 kr

Set of 2 Pastello cups in the color combination Dark green / Sea green. 

2nd grade as they are a bit crooked at the edge. 

The Pastello products are a line where the meeting between two glazes gives a third. Here surface and tactility are a key element. The bottom glaze, and thus the part you hold, is matte and has structure, the upper part is glossy, of which you drink from the cup. So it is smooth and a soft touch to the lips.

The interplay and overlap between the two glazes gives a third and creates landscape motifs, the narrow encounter or overlap gives a sense of horizon.

Dimensions: 9 cm. / 250 ml. 

The Pastello cups are dishwasher safe and microwave safe.