Kint suction set with broken ceramics - Almond gift of the year

250,00 DKK

New Kintsugi set from Dutch Humade and a piece of broken ceramics from WAUW design. 

Occasionally some things are lost in the workshop - where trades are made, spills are made. BUT instead of throwing it out, we thought others might benefit from it. It will be an excellent almond gift - and not even the gift buyer will know what piece of pottery is coming, so it's a surprise for everyone. 

Kintsugi is a Japanese repair method where you mix a gold or silver glue and patch the ceramic. This way you can always see that the pottery has been broken, but it just gives it new life. New Kintsugi is a newer and simpler method of the ancient Japanese repair art. You can choose between gold or silver.

NOTE: it's a surprise what piece of pottery comes with it. It is not possible to choose. 

The set contains all the remedies you need to patch your ceramics. 

Follow the instructions in the box.

Really good fun and Merry Christmas! 

We have no more in stock