Håndlavet keramik vase. Lokalt produceret i værkstedsbutikken på Østerbro i København.


The Sustain vase arose from a problem - what do I do with excess material? I have remains of porcelain in production from, among other things my lamps, which I would otherwise have to throw away, but which I now recycle and mold the Sustain vases from. The same applies to glaze residues from tests and the last residue in the bucket.This is why the collection has been named Sustain, as almost nothing is wasted.

The vases come in many color combinations and there are rarely any that are the same. 

All WAUW design ceramics are designed and handmade in the workshop at Willemoesgade 13 on Østerbro in Copenhagen. A selection of Sustain can be found here online, while a larger range can be found in store. 

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Sustain Vase - Blue Freckles
Sustain Vase - Blue Freckles / Light Blue
Sustain Vase - Brown Freckles / Dusty Green
Sustain Vase - Dusty Green / Warm Yellow
Sustain Vase - Spring green
Sustain Vase - Dark Rutile / Olive
Sustain Vase - Dusty Green / Yellow Freckles
Sustain Vase - Olive / Cream
Sustain Vase - Brown Freckles/Apricot
Sustain Vase - Watermelon / Apricot
Sustain Vase - Caramel / Yellow Freckles
Sustain Vase - Dusty Rose Freckles
Sustain Vase - Dark Brown
Sustain Vase - Dark Brown
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Sustain Vase - Brown Freckles / Light Apricot
Sustain Vase - Watermelon / Freckles
Sustain Vase - Watermelon / Yellow Freckles
Sustain Vase - Pinkblue/Nude