3. Advent

3. Advent

Happy third Sunday in Advent! Today, our Advent recommendations are about ours favorite places here in Østerbro. WAUW design has been located on beautiful Willemoesgade for a full 12 years now, and the area therefore means something very special. Therefore, we would like to focus on some of the other cozy shops located in the area. 

Superhero Toy Store

On Nordre Frihavnsgade is perhaps Denmark's finest toy store. Superheroes has toys for all children and childish souls - teddy bears, trading cards, board games, drawing, bowling alleys, LEGO, puzzles and much, much more. It is a pleasure to see that it is highly valued to be able to reach most children, and you can always find a nice gift in there. In addition, the Superhero has many things for role-playing games and other special hobbies.  

Flower dream

On Ryesgade there is a small, nice flower shop with the appropriate name "Flower dream". The shop is small, yes, but there are so many fine indoor plants, summer flowers, branches and other creative decorations with flowers. They also make beautiful bouquets. It is a nice place to find a hostess gift - or maybe new flowers for your vases. and flower pots. 

Pga. the new closure, the girls behind Blomtserdrøm have chosen not to have customers inside the store, but instead to have take-away outside, as well as deliver flowers home to customers in Østerbro and Greater Copenhagen. Contact them per. phone or write to them on Instagram

Flower dream Flowers on Ryesgade in Østerbro, Copenhagen. Recommendations for shops in the local area in Østerbro.

Sidegaden KBH 

On Faksegade no. 19, Christel Russel has a beautiful dog. With Sidegaden KBH you can find both new products, exciting vintage things, everlasting bouquets and also plants from time to time. Christel has a good eye for things, and really manages to find unique things. You always get super good service, and you come home with something very special. Great recommendation for Sidegaden KBH! 

The bookshop by the lakes 

It is always nice to go to bookstores, but especially the Bookstore by the Lakes is a special experience. Sure, books are books, but the service at this particular bookstore is really good and welcoming, and you notice that the employees go out of their way to help in the best possible way. If they do not have a specific book at home, they are happy to order it for someone. And then the shop is bigger than it looks, as there is also a lower floor - so there is something for every reading horse! 

The bookstore by the lakes at Østerbro in Copenhagen.

Østerbro is generally an area where the small specialty stores still have a fairly good grip, and it is not the same chains that are located on every corner. There are also a lot of cozy cafes and restaurants here in Østerbro - something for everyone. Therefore, there is also an additional recommendation that has to do with Østerbro: 

My Østerbro - the local magazine 

Martin Andersen is behind the publication of the local magazine My Østerbro, which is published six times a year. The magazine is free and can be found at a large number of cafes, organizations, libraries and shops (including usually at WAUW design), and then there is also an online edition. At My Østerbros Instagram page you can also follow what is happening around 2100. It's great that someone is passionate about the local in this way.  My Østerbro local magazine. Support the local shops and traders.



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