Ceramics courses

I am regularly asked where you can take ceramics courses in Copenhagen, and whether I hold courses myself. I do not do it myself - but there are other, very skilled teachers who do, and I would of course like to refer you to them. Below are some of the places I have heard very well about.

(The list is obviously not exhaustive, and there are certainly many skilled educators around the country).

Ceramics course with ceramicist Christian Bruun

At Christian Bruun in Charlottenlund, there is a cozy atmosphere and a fine workshop, where both weekend courses and 4-day courses are offered. The courses focus on learning to turn, and there are both courses for beginners and experienced. Christian teaches himself, but there are other teachers attached as well. 

The teaching is very hands on, and you learn, through success stories, how the clay reacts when you put your fingers right.

Address: Traverbanevej 12, 2920 Charlottenlund


Instagram: @christianbruuncph

Ceramist Christian Bruun offers ceramics courses in Charlottenlund.

Ceramics course at Yonobi Studio 

Yonobi is located in the inner city of Copenhagen, and has both a beautiful shop and offers ceramics courses for beginners and experienced. They have both day and evening courses as well as weekend courses. The courses will i.a. teach participants to work with turntable. It can be taught in both Danish and English.

Explore the world of pottery with our classes - learn how to master the potter's wheel, create beautiful sculptures and unique creations with your own hands and simple pottery tools.

Address: Ny Kongensgade 11, 1472 Copenhagen K 


Instagram: @yonobistudio & @yonobi_classes

Yonobi studios ceramics course in Copenhagen K.

Ceramics course at Viktoria Ceramic Studio CPH

At Vesterbro is Viktoria Ceramic Studio, which has a workshop, shop and offers courses. There are five Danish potters who practice their craft there. Shorter or longer courses are offered, which can be both on weekdays or on weekends, and there are also courses for both beginners and advanced. The students are taught by the workshop's own ceramicists. 

During each course we will dive into the wonderful world of ceramics through history, current exhibitions and the difference between different glazing and firing techniques.

Address: Vesterbrogade 24B, 1620 Copenhagen


Instagram: @viktoriaceramicstudiocph

Viktoria Ceramic Studio CPH


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