2. Advent

2. Advent

Happy Second Sunday in Advent. Today's Advent script is about some of the best things about Christmas - home baking! I have collected some of my favorite recipes that my family and I make every year in December - so you can also enjoy them. 

In my childhood home, Christmas was in full swing, and it's actually still there. Christmas decorations and elves, Christmas hearts, calendar candles and Advent wreath. Calendar gifts, confectionery and Christmas cake. My mother is a true Santa Claus - even in size too ;-) 

Here are three of my favorite recipes. 

Grandma Krull's apple slices

Every 1st Sunday in Advent, as I remember it, it always stood on guests and my mother's home-baked apple slices. I will not cheat you for that recipe!

500 g flour
1 tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. salt
4 eggs
8 dl. buttermilk 
3 tsp. baking soda 

Eggs, sugar and salt are whipped and mixed with buttermilk and then flour and baking soda. Fry in apple slice pan. 


The world's best vanilla wreaths 

Every year in December, I receive at least 5 kinds of cookies (= 5 cans) from Sydfyn - a kind of subscription scheme that started when I moved away from home over 30 years ago. The vanilla wreaths are my favorite. My sister gets the same amount and so does one of my mom's girlfriends. I'm pretty sure my mom will dry South Funen for butter in December.

500 g flour 
375 g. Butter
250 g. Icing sugar
1 eggs
100 g. Chopped almonds
1 stick vanilla 
1/4 tsp. deer antler salt 

The whole thing is kneaded together and shaped into wreaths. Bake at 170-175 degrees alm. oven for 10 minutes. 

Gastros (secret) recipe for brownies 

We have been allowed to share this wonderful recipe for my daughter's favorite brownies. She has eaten oceans of them with a friend - even in January. The recipe has been in Gastro The magazine's 'Gastro Selection No.1', so all credit to the beautiful brownies goes to Jesper, who is behind it - and we are so happy to bake them every single year!

150 g. Almonds
500 g. Butter
500 g. Sugar
250 g. Light syrup
4 tbsp. ground cinnamon
1 tbsp. bumped cloves 
2-3 tbsp. chopped sucrose
15 g. Potash
1 kg. wheat flour 

Pour boiling water over the almonds and let them stand for a while until the water is just warm. Then slip and chop them. Melt the butter over low heat, add sugar and syrup and stir together. Turn cinnamon, cloves, sucrose and almonds in - and enjoy the scent of Christmas! Stir the potash into quite a little boiling water until it is dissolved and add it. Allow this mass to cool to something close to room temperature. 

Stir the cooled mass well, then add the flour and stir to a uniform dough. Roll out the dough into thick sausages, round or square, as you now want. Let the dough rest dry and cool under a tea towel until the next day. 

Cut paper-thin slices of the cold dough sausages, spread them on greased baking sheets, and bake the brownies for 3-4 minutes at 185 degrees in a preheated oven. Carefully lift the freshly baked and warm, soft brownies onto a rack with a pallet and let them cool completely and become hard before packing them in cans or jars with tight-fitting lids. If the cakes are not cooled completely before they are packed down, they become soft. 

Finally, let me know if you try them out, and feel free to send a picture Instagram or Facebook - then we can share the Christmas cheer and hopefully let the Christmas peace and the scent of Christmas sink around. 

Really good Sunday from us at WAUW design! 

Sussi Krull