Pastel set - Yellow Freckles / Pink

750,00 kr 850,00 kr

This set consists of two Pastello cups and a Pastello bowl in the color combination Yellow Freckles / Pink - Spring Edition 2021

When you buy the set, you save 120 DKK from the original price. 

Measures per cup: 9 cm. / 250 ml. 
Measures on bowl: H = 8 cm. / Ø = 14 cm. 

The Pastello products are a line where the meeting between two glazes gives a third. Here surface and tactility are a key element. The bottom glaze is matte and has structure, while the upper part is glossy. 

The interplay and overlap between the 2 glazes - gives a third and creates landscape motifs - the narrow meeting or overlap gives a sense of horizon.

All Pastello products can go in the dishwasher and microwave.