Crystal vase - Orange / Steel Blue (2nd assortment)

1.000,00 kr 2.400,00 kr

 Crystal vase in size large (Height: 27 cm.)

The vase is 2nd sorting due to lift dots in the glaze, which are not so clearly visible. These are very small errors.

There are 2 pcs. 


About the Crystal vases

The Crystal Glaze is an enchanting acquaintance, it fascinates, sparkles and steals the image with all its 'glossyness'. The formation of the crystals is a combination of the material & ingredients in the glaze as well as the temperature of the firing. Some of the ingredients are attracted to each other at particular temperatures and thereby the crystals grow in the surface. I control the temperature changes in the firing and thus I shape the crystals. I can control the shape, size and color, but where and how many come - it is an interplay between the porcelain and the glaze.

Crystal glaze is a 'difficult friend' who is very sensitive to heat, thickness and certainly also weather conditions - there are always challenges with a Crystal glaze, which makes it extremely exciting to open an oven - every time even after more than 12 years.