Bonbonniere - Light Green

850,00 kr

Variant: Light Green

This bonbonniere has a matte, green glaze that changes from completely light green to dark olive green. It creates a nice play of colors that makes the glaze very vivid. 

Do you recognize this icing? Then it's probably because you've seen this icing on cups, jugs and plates in the Tone series.

A bonbonniere is a type of lid jar that is perhaps best known in the glass version that your grandparents had sweets in. A bonbonniere is originally intended for sweet things - as the name also implies. However, it is also obvious for many other things - hair elastics, keys, sewing and garnishing and much more. 

WAUW design bonbonniere has been developed with a usable decorative object in mind. A nice box that does not need to be stored away, but can instead stand out, all the while it has plenty of space to contain what you now need to store. 

The bonbonnieres are available in many colors - and both with matte and glossy glazes as well as crystal glaze. 

Height = 12 cm. 
Diameter = 15cm.

All products are unique, the color combination is the same, but since I work with very vivid glazes, they always look a little different.