Looking for ceramic bowls that stand out from the crowd? Then you've come to exactly the right place. At WAUW design, my selection of bowls is large and I have loved my products from start to finish

Explore my various collections including Pastello, Raw, Songlines and Tone. Whether you are into bowls with colorful details, raw structures or something completely different, WAUW design is sure to have something to suit your taste.

37 results
Pastello skål - Cream/Light rose
Pastello skål - Dark green/Light rose
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Pastello skål - Dark Green/Seagreen
Pastello skål - Light Green/Grey
Pastello skål - Light green/Light rose
Pastello skål - Pinkblue/light rose
Pastello skål - Pinkblue/Pink
Pastello skål - Sky Blue/Blue
Pastello skål - Watermelon/Pink
Pastello skål - Yellow Freckles/Pink
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Pastello sæt - Cream / Light Rose
Pastello set - Cream / Light Rose
750,00 kr 850,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Dark Green / Light rose
Pastello sæt - Dark Green / Sea Green
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Pastello sæt - Light Green / Grey
Pastello set - Light Green / Gray
750,00 kr 850,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Light Green / Light Rose
Only 1 left!
Pastello sæt - Pinkblue / Light rose
Pastello sæt - Pinkblue / Pink
Only 1 left!
Pastello set - Pinkblue / Pink
750,00 kr 850,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Sky blue / Blue
Out of stock
Pastel set - Sky blue / Blue
750,00 kr 850,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Watermelon / Pink
Pastel set - Watermelon / Pink
750,00 kr 850,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Yellow Freckles / Pink
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Raw skål - medium
Raw bowl - medium
725,00 kr
Raw skål - small
Raw bowl - small
350,00 kr
Raw skål - x-small
Raw bowl - x-small
220,00 kr
Songlines pastaskål
Songlines skål - large
Songlines skål - medium
Songlines skål - small
Songlines skål - x-small
Tone Ramenskål - Golden
Tone Ramenskål - Ocean Blue
Tone Ramenskål - Sargasso Green
Tone Ramenskål - Sky Blue
Tone skåle - Ocean blue
Tone bowls - Ocean blue
From 230,00 kr
Tone skåle - Olive
Tone bowl - Olive
From 230,00 kr
Tone Skåle - Olive - sæt m. 3 stk.
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Tone Bowls - Olive - set with 3 pcs.
1.500,00 kr 1.680,00 kr
Tone skåle - Yellow
Tone bowl - Yellow
From 230,00 kr
37 results

Large selection of handmade ceramic bowls

The WAUW design range of handmade ceramic bowls will satisfy almost every taste. From my Tone ramen bowl to Songline's bowls, I offer different types of bowls in varying sizes - perfect for serving snacks, fruit or as stylish serving bowls. Regardless of your needs and preferences, you will find a bowl that suits your occasion.

WAUW design's ceramic bowls are adorned with different colors and shapes that add character and elegance to your table. With matt and glossy glazes as well as varying structures and colours, you can create a unique expression in your interior design. 

Explore my collections and find the perfect bowl to match your style.

Unique ceramic bowls

All my products are unique, although the color combinations on each individual bowl are the same, the glazes I develop will always vary slightly and create individual shades on each bowl. You can therefore be sure that your ceramic bowl from WAUW design is completely unique and created with care and quality in mind.

Buy your set of bowls at WAUW design

Treat yourself to a set of matching ceramic bowls from WAUW design. Choose from different designs or combine bowls with cups and other ceramic products to complete your collection. With my wide range, developed over many years as an independent ceramicist, you can create a harmonious and stylish interior in your home.