Cable for Raw lamp (incl. socket)

75,00 kr

Here you can order a cord for your Raw lamp.

The cord comes with a socket, and if you also buy a battle screen, I will of course mount it all for you.

It costs NOK 75 per meters, and it is ordered in whole meters. For example, if you want to use 3 meters of cable, you add 3 pcs. of the selected wire color in the basket. 

The RAW lamps are available in three sizes and are purchased separately:
Shorts: H = 18 cm., Ø = 14 cm.
Long: H = 26 cm., Ø = 17 cm.
Wide: H = 24 cm., Ø = 22 cm. 

The RAW lamps are made of thin porcelain, which gives a beautiful, warm light. They are grooved by hand, and each lamp is completely unique that way. 

If you have special wishes or questions about the lamps, please write an email to and I will be happy to help you. Remember to include your order number if your inquiry concerns an active order.