plant signs

The plant signs are a decorative way to keep track of its herbs and other plants, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

WAUW designs plant signs are available in two variants: a smooth white and a coarser gray. 

12 results
Planteskilt - Uden tekst
Planteskilt - Basilikum
Planteskilt - Dild
Plant Sign - Dild
50,00 DKK
Planteskilt - Estragon
Planteskilt - Koriander
Planteskilt - Mynte
Plant Sign - Mint
50,00 DKK
Planteskilt - Oregano
Planteskilt - Persille
Planteskilt - Purløg
Planteskilt - Rosmarin
Planteskilt - Salvie
Plant Sign - Sage
50,00 DKK
Planteskilt - Timian
Plant sign - Thyme
50,00 DKK