The Pastello products are a line where the meeting between two glazes gives a third. Here, surface and tactility are a supporting element. The lower glaze, and thus the part you hold on to, is matte and has structure, while the upper part is glossy, so it is smooth and a soft encounter against the lips.

The interplay and overlap between the two glazes gives a third and creates landscape motifs, the narrow encounter or overlap gives a sense of horizon.

Pastello cups and bowls are some of the most popular of WAUW design's products, and they are all handmade from the workshop shop in Østerbro in Copenhagen. The ceramic cups are without a handle, but the glaze makes them comfortable to hold. 

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Pastello sæt - Pinkblue / Pink
Pastello set - Pinkblue / Pink
700,00 kr 820,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Watermelon / Pink
Pastel set - Watermelon / Pink
700,00 kr 820,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Sky blue / Blue
Pastel set - Sky blue / Blue
700,00 kr 820,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Cream / Pink
Pastel set - Cream / Pink
700,00 kr 820,00 kr
Pastello sæt - Pinkblue / Light rose
Pastello sæt - Dark Green / Light rose
42 results