1. Advent Anbefalinger

1. Advent Recommendations

Today is the first Sunday in Advent, and WAUW design's first Advent calendar has now begun. On every Advent Sunday this year, we will come up with a small post with various recommendations that I and the rest of the WAUW design team would like to pass on.

Today's topic is: Ceramic colleagues.

I would like to give a pat on the back and the warmest recommendations to three of my Copenhagen ceramicist colleagues, who are doing so well in their respective fine ways. The three ceramicist colleagues are some that I have met through trade fairs around Denmark. It has always been a pleasure to be able to exchange ideas, doubts and not least a lot of bad jokes on the long fair days with them. Our ceramics are very different and it is a good picture of the versatility of the materials we work with. Read along and let yourself be inspired. 

Lars Rank 

Lars is a really good colleague, whom I like to call about fif, good advice and not least a nice chat. As mentioned, I know Lars from various markets and fairs, where we have spent many hours side by side at each of our stands. Many ceramic problems have been reversed and it has been great to be able to spar with him. And then a lot of bad jokes are always exchanged, and Lars is generally really funny and entertaining.

Lars is great at mixing clay types, as well as developing shapes and glazes in a very 'hands-on' way, which is incredibly liberating and produces really fine products. Lars' ceramics are both liberating and fun, just like his working method and himself.  

Want to see more from Lars Rank? 

Shop: MADE HERE, Wildersgade 23A, 1408 Copenhagen K

homepage: www.rank.dk

Instagram: @larsrankkeramik

Lars Rank ceramics studio MADE HERE in Copenhagen

Kristina Vildersbøll 

I actually know Kristina from my study time at the Design School, where we were not in the same year and also had time off. I really got to know Kristina at markets and fairs, just like with Lars. There is nothing like a fair in Herning that can carve people together ;-)

Kristina has an incredibly fine expression in her ceramics, which combines practice, systematics and a feminine expression. The glazes are soft and fade in color, on the tightly curved curves. Her products fit super well in the hand and I think they reflect Kristina's working method.

On top of that, it is Kristina, the cutest and most smiling people who are always ready for sparring. She has the finest workshop on Iceland's pier and is part of the shop community Designkollektivet on Jægersborggade 5 in Nørrebro.  

Want to see more from Kristina Vildersbøll?

Studio and workshop: Thorshavnsgade 6, at th., 2300 Copenhagen S 

Shop: Designkollektivet, Jægersborggade 5, 2200 KBH N

homepage: www.vildersboll.dk

Instagram: @vildersboll

Kristina Vildersbøll ceramic studio in Copenhagen

Tina Marie 

Tina is also one of those I have stood side by side with at markets and fairs and not least that with bad jokes. Tina has a very fine design language that reaches back into ceramics in a very contemporary way. She is super good at creating a whole in form, colors and decor. Her workshop and shop are so much Tina's expression - yes the whole is just very accomplished.

Tina's products immediately look very traditional with a potter-like expression, but then there are handles, handles and grips, as well as shapes that are composed so they get their own expression and colors and surfaces that make it their own universe. Many of Tina's products lie in the field between consumer products and unique objects. Her pottery remains amazing. 

Want to see more from Tina Marie? 

Studio: Vesterbrogade 175, 1800 Frederiksberg

homepage: www.tinamariecph.dk

Instagram: @tinamariecph 

Tina Marie ceramics


Thank you for supporting the local artisans

As a ceramicist, it is wonderful to feel the commitment our customers have to our craft. You are curious, accommodating, interested and supportive, and this has been especially noticeable this year, where there has been extra focus on supporting the small companies. It means a lot - thank you! 

Next Sunday another Advent letter will be published - You have to wait a week to read about it, but we are already looking forward to publishing it. 

Really good first Sunday in Advent from Sussi and the rest of the WAUW design team. 

Sussi Krull