Hængeurtepotter med speciallavet snor

Hanging flower pots with specially made string

If you have been past my shop on Willemoesgade, you may have seen my rather extensive "glaze library" on the back wall. To me, a color is not just a color. It's such a big part of a product's expression that they have to sit right in the closet and fit. This is how I felt when I had to find strings for the new Rutile Hanging Flowerpots in 2019. For that, I ended up collaborating with Århus Possementfabrik - they are hammer-skilled for their profession: possement work.


What is possement?

Possement is a term for work with textile fabrics and various metallic threads, which are used for, for example, string, wicker, lids, buttons, tassels, fringes, etc. Possession work is used i.a. for wicker chairs, decorations on furniture and clothes as well as for wires and much more.


Specially made possement string for hanging flower pots in ceramic.

An exciting collaboration 

I got in touch with Aarhus Possementfabrik, who were really good sparring partners! I sent glaze tests of the different glazes to Jesper from the company, who then started to make the right color combinations. Jesper sent me a selection of different thread combinations, which should give the right melange and color. The Rutile series comes in 4 different colors, but each color has many shades in it and has a very large play in the colors. 

If you look at the strings up close, you can see how many fine threads they are spun together from. It is the combination of these threads that gives the strings the perfect colors that fit my particular series of flower pots. 


Specially made string by Aarhus Possementfabrik. Handmade string for hanging flower pots in ceramic.

Aarhus Possementfabrik

In 2017, Århus Possementfabrik was able to celebrate its 100th birthday. The company was founded in Aarhus in 1917 by the Belgian immigrant Conrad Gloggengeiser. Over time, Århus Possementfabrik has been located in various places in Aarhus, as the company grew and the city developed.  

Today, Aarhus Possementfabrik is run by Jesper Povlsen and his wife Sanne Møller Povlsen. Jesper Povlsen is the son of Henrik Povlsen, who in 1960 got a job in the company as a bidder. Henrik quickly became part of the production and became the last to be trained as a trimmer apprentice before the training was closed. He rose in ranks over the years and was able to buy the company in 1985 when the Belgian family wanted to sell. So he's been around for over 60 years - it's impressive! 


Craftsmanship in a class of its own 

In the year 2000, Århus Possement was appointed as a royal court supplier, and has thus received a very special recognition for the beautiful craftsmanship that they perform. 


Possement from Aarhus Possementfabrik. Specially made string for hanging flower pots in ceramic.

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Maria Mosgaard